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A collection of five or six lollipop samples in a variety of flavours and colours. The flavours, size, shape and decor of the lollipops included in the lollipop samples pack are determined by what we have in stock at the time.

The lollipop samples are sent either within the first week of every month or more regularly if samples are available. Please get in touch if you are in need of samples urgently.

You are able to order an alcoholic and non-alcoholic mix of lollipops in the lollipop samples pack.

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Alcoholic Lollipop Samples, Non-Alcoholic Lollipop Samples

16 reviews for Lollipop Samples

  1. Nick (verified owner)

    I ordered the lollipop samples to see if they would be good for wedding favours…..they are are amazing and I will defiantly be ordering more!!!

  2. Gabriella (verified owner)

    I order the lollipop samples because I was thinking of using them as favours for my upcoming wedding. i wanted to see what the colours/flavours and sparkles looked like in person as well as the sizes they came in. They were great! and something completely different to what I’ve seen at past weddings

  3. Hannah (verified owner)

    Ordered the samples to see what the lollipops are like in real life, and was not disappointed. They are all much bigger than expected, and are all beautiful to look at, and they all tasted amazing. So much so i decided not to share any with my fiance! I’m definitely ordering some for my wedding

  4. Louise Alley (verified owner)

    Ordered the samples to try before ordering our wedding favours. A great selection arrived and they were absolutely beautiful, now we just have to try and choose our favourite which will be really difficult!

  5. Rachael (verified owner)

    Ordered samples for potential use in photo shoots and they are absolutely stunning. They are actually bigger than I thought which was a pleasant surprise and you can tell they are made with love and skill. This will certainly not be my last order and I can’t rave about these beauties enough!

  6. Suzannah (verified owner)

    I ordered the samples to get an idea of flavours and sizes as I’m thinking about having them as my wedding favours! so glad I ordered the sample as it has made my decision on colours and flavours so easy! They were so well packed when they arrived and no damage at all!

  7. Amy (verified owner)

    The sample pack is fab! I ordered them with the idea for wedding favours. Mixture of flavours and sizes allowed me to see what size i wanted. They taste fab and look absolutely amazing! Tick of love the check list for the wedding planning!

  8. Jennifer Slack (verified owner)

    We were looking at having these as a wedding favor but couldn’t decide which ones to choose, so ordered the samples. They are a great idea and all taste really nice. I would recommend and will be ordering for my wedding day.

  9. Sheila Bullock (verified owner)

    I ordered the lollipops samples as I was looking for wedding favours for my daughter. They exceeded our expectations , they were so beautiful and different. So much so we have ordered them as favours and cant wait for them to arrive and for the guessed to enjoy them on the day.

  10. Melissa Danielle McPherson (verified owner)

    It’s taken me a while to getting round to this, but the samples I received were absolutely beautiful. Careful designs, inspired flavours and all beautifully packaged!

    I’m torn between two flavours at the moment, but will almost certainly be placing an order… one of the best IG finds I’ve had the pleasure of coming across.

  11. Sophia Kimitri-McElroy (verified owner)

    Love Love Love all the designs! My clients thought they were awesome and they tasted great too.

  12. YUEN CHAN (verified owner)

    The lollipops look very beautiful , and gave me a wide selection, different shape and size,
    so i can see which one is better for me wedding.Great.
    Only one suggestion , maybe include a little note of the favour of each lollipops.
    Thank you very much.

  13. Mally (verified owner)

    Look stunning, just found they did not have too much flavor to them.

  14. Toni Brennand

    My parcel arrived and the excitement started straight away, the packaging is thought out and simplistic yet beautiful, the perfect little touches. As for the lollipops WOW the fight in the house over who was going to taste which one started with the eye, the decorations again simply but perfect, especially if you love a little bit of sparkle in your life, the flavours are more than you could imagine… Cornish ice cream candy floss childhood memories came flooding back.
    These will NOT disappoint, the flavours want you to come back for another and another.
    I will be ordering these for my wedding and every other event I possibly can. 5 stars isn’t high enough for these.

  15. Katie Crawford (verified owner)

    These were simply amazing!! Although I did order the Non-Alcohol and the Alcohol one arrived…. but they are were all still full of flavour and the colours were so beautiful!! We are currently in the process of deciding which ones we want to order for our wedding… It’s not an easy decision when they all tasted incredible!!

  16. Natasha Huth (verified owner)

    Great lollipops, will definitely be ordering for wedding favours !

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