The Valentine Duo

Say hello to The Valentine Duo! A stunning selection of two love-themed strawberry & marshmallow flavoured lollipops – the perfect and most delicious lollipops for you or your special sweetheart!

Made from natural sugars (cane sugar, glucose), colourings (approved colourings, acetic acid, glucose, water) and flavours (approved flavouring substances, water and propylene glycol, some may contain alcohol). Wrapped in a plastic pouch, presented on a paper stick.

Size option: One midi round lollipop and one midi heart lollipop: approx 9 cm (3.5 inch) (total length approximately 17 cm with stick).

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Valentines Day is an opportunity to tell that person closest to you just how much you really love them. There is no better way than giving them a beautiful lollipop that will add some sparkle to the occasion.