Special Occasion? Can’t decide?

Why not order a sample lollipops pack. You will receive a mix of designs & flavours.


We receive over a dozen enquiries per day requesting samples. While we would LOVE to offer all potential customers free/cheap samples, it is simply not possible. All of our lollipop are handmade, to order, in a large variety of colours, flavours, shapes and designs. Every sample design requires an entire batch of custom lollipops to be made, which equates to at least 9 lollipops going to waste for every sample we send out. That’s a lot of time and money wasted!

We do however offer a collection of five or six lollipop samples in a variety of flavours and colours. The flavours are determined by what I have in stock at the time. The lollipops are 1.5 inch, coloured to give an indication of the tones and depth of colour of the lollipops as well as the quality of the product and the intensity of the flavour. The lollipops all have a touch of sparkle!

Flavours in the sample packs include:

  • Non-alcoholic samples: Strawberry, Rose, Candy Floss, Marshmallow and Watermelon
  • Alcoholic Samples include: Rose, Candy Floss, Marshallow, Watermelon and Champagne

NB – Sample packs are sent out in the first week of every month. Please get in touch if you require samples urgently.

If you would like to sample our lollipops please place an order below –

Alternatively, if you are after something more specific, you can order it from our online shop.

Thanks again for visiting our site and for your interest in our lollipops. If you’d like to get in touch to discuss things further, please use the contacts page and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

x The Little Lollipop Shop Team