Private one-to-one Class – Full Day


Starter kit that includes sugar, glucose, colour, flavouring, lollipop sticks, gold sparkle lace, lollipop moulds, thermometer, edible flowers and rose petals.

The class is generally done via video link. You can choose the option to come spend the day with us in person at an extra cost.



Private One-to-One Online Class – Full Day

This online course combines all of our courses into one and is provided on a private 1 to 1 basis. You will be taken through the introduction of making candy, setting up a lollipop business in the UK and finally we’ll teach you how to make some awesome lollipops.

Duration Full Day – £800

Basics Making Candy

1. Equipment

Set-up and preparation
Different types of candy
The differences in process
Equipment, ingredients and materials for different forms of candy

2. Introduction to ingredients

Sugars and additives
Food colourings & Flavours

Lollipop Making

3. Working with Sugar

Methods of boiling – practical
Troubleshooting – discolouration, bubbles, melting and crystallisation

4. Pouring

Finishing touches

Starting Up

5. Kitchen Setup

Design of space
Legislation & Regulations

6. Certification

Food business registration
Food hygiene & safety
Hygiene ratings

7. Food preparation, packaging & labelling

Ingredients labelling
Selling to retailers

8. Costs & Pricing

Setup costs
Staffing costs
Pricing your products

Sales & Marketing

9. Understanding the UK consumer

Wedding Industry
Small order purchasers
Corporates & brands

10. Finding Customers

Social Media
Collaborations & Partnerships
Expos & Fairs

11. Export

Selling to Europe, the USA and Canada
Shipping & Packages
Taxes & VAT

3 Types of Lollipops

12. Plain Lollipops

Prep and set-up
Working with colour and flavouring
Clear vs opaque
Boiling, choosing colours, mixing coloured syrup

13. Sparkling Lollipops

Making sparkle
Prep and set-up
Pouring for the perfect aesthetic

14. Floral Lollipops

Working with real flowers
Prep and set-up
Design  for the most incredibly unique pieces
Pouring for flowers

Final Touches

15. Boiling Sugar


16. Finishing Touches

Additional customisation options

17. Suppliers

Finding the right suppliers for your style of candy


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