rose quartz lollipops

Course 3 – Plain, Sparkling and Floral Lollipops

Course Date 26 February 2022

Learn everything you need to know to start producing spectacular, luxury hard candy lollipops from home.  We’ll take you through the basics, as well as the technical bits, step-by-step, ensuring you ca start making lollipops as soon as the class is done.

Choose to receive everything you need prior to the course, with a delivery of our course ‘starter pack’. A set of materials and equipment worth over £130. Or opt out, and we’ll send you a list of bits you need to buy before doing the online class.

We also offer private classes. These are charged as follows. If you are interested please contact us on +44(0)7846382552.

Class Duration 4hrs – £250

Starter kit that includes sugar, glucose, colour, flavouring, lollipop sticks, gold sparkle lace, lollipop moulds, thermometer, edible flowers and rose petals.

3 Types of Lollipops

1. Plain Lollipops

Prep and set-up
Working with colour and flavouring
Clear vs opaque
Boiling, choosing colours, mixing coloured syrup

2. Sparkling Lollipops

Making sparkle
Prep and set-up
Pouring for the perfect aesthetic

3. Floral Lollipops

Working with real flowers
Prep and set-up
Design  for the most incredibly unique pieces
Pouring for flowers

Final Touches

4. Boiling Sugar


5. Finishing Touches

Additional customisation options

7. Suppliers

Finding the right suppliers for your style of candy