Course 2 – Setting Up a lollipop business in the UK

Course Date 12 February 2022

For those of our students who are serious about setting up a candy making business in the UK, we’ve compiled this 3-hour course just for you. From understanding the processes and materials required for producing, to attracting large brand clients and dealing with shipping overseas, we’ve tried to cover it all for you.

We also offer private classes. These are charged as follows. If you are interested please contact us on +44(0)7846382552.

Duration 3hrs – £200

Starting Up

1. Kitchen Setup

Design of space
Legislation & Regulations

2. Certification

Food business registration
Food hygiene & safety
Hygiene ratings

3. Food preparation, packaging & labelling

Ingredients labelling
Selling to retailers

4. Costs & Pricing

Setup costs
Staffing costs
Pricing your products

Sales & Marketing

5. Understanding the UK consumer

Wedding Industry
Small order purchasers
Corporates & brands

6. Finding Customers

Social Media
Collaborations & Partnerships
Expos & Fairs

7. Export

Selling to Europe, the USA and Canada
Shipping & Packages
Taxes & VAT