Course 1 – Introduction to Candy Making

Course Date 22 January 2022

Our introduction to Candy Making Course covers all you need to know about making different types of candy from scratch from a home or professional kitchen. We’ll delve into the material and equipment required, the different boiling techniques for hard versus soft candy before focusing on the processes for making hard candy lollipops.

We highly recommend anyone attending our other courses does this course first.

We also offer private classes. These are charged as follows. If you are interested please contact us on +44(0)7846382552.

Duration 2hrs – £120

Basics Making Candy

1. Equipment

Set-up and preparation
Different types of candy
The differences in process
Equipment, ingredients and materials for different forms of candy

2. Introduction to ingredients

Sugars and additives
Food colourings & Flavours

Lollipop Making

3. Working with Sugar

Methods of boiling – practical
Troubleshooting – discolouration, bubbles, melting and crystallisation

4. Pouring

Finishing touches