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Exclusive to The Little Lollipop Shop, our Branded Lollipops are an incredible example of handcrafted lollipop excellence,  the candy equivalent of your brand up in lights! Your clients and customers will adore these extra special branded lollipops, perfect as promotional gifts at exhibitions, in high-street store’s, in mail drops and so much more. Featuring a frosted coloured lollipop, we adorn your bespoke branding by hand, to each individual lollipop, serving as a statement of luxury and fun.

Over the years we have worked with some of the worlds most widely loved brands, including; Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs and Porsche and we would love to work with your amazing brand too!

To see your beautiful branded lollipops come to life, please provide us with your logo or branding at checkout.


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Made from natural sugars (cane sugar, glucose), colourings (approved colourings, acitic acid, glucose, water) and flavours (approved flavouring substances, water and propylene glycol, some may contain alcohol). Wrapped in a plastic pouch, presented on a paper stick.

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7 inch Giant Lollipop, Large Heart, 2 inch round