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Edible Flower Ideas

edible flower brownies

Loving edible flowers, but not sure how to use them other than in salad? I love using edible flowers in my lollipops, the vibrant colours are so eye catching and the flavours subtle and fresh. However, there is a plethora of unique and sophisticated edible creations that can be made with edible flowers. Here are a few ideas I found on the internet that will add something very special to your party offerings:

edible flower brownies

Rocky Rose

edible flower cheese cake

Cheese Cake

edible flower popsicles


edible flower pizza


edible flower macaroons


edible flower ice

Edible Flower Ice : Pinterest

edible flower chocolate


edible rose cupcakes

Cupcakes with rose petals

edible flower cocktails

Cocktails with Edible Flowers


edible flower cocktails

Cocktails : Pinterest

edible flower lollipops

Edible Flower Lollipop